Sports and PE Funding

Sports Premium

Ingoldisthorpe Primary School’s PE and Sport Premium

The Government have been providing Sports Premium funding since 2013/14. This funding is provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport and sees money coming directly into primary schools. Head teachers are to spend the money on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children within their own setting.

From 2013/14 to 2016/17 schools with more than 17 eligible pupils received the sum of £8,000 plus a premium of £5 per pupil for each academic year. This has been doubled in previous years. We received £27,767 for 2021-22, which included carried forward amount of £8,838 due to Covid-19 underspend. In 2022-23 we received £17,250.


Purpose of Funding

Schools are to spend the funding on improving their provision of PE and school sport, but we have the freedom to choose how we do this.

The DfE expect all pupils leaving primary school to be physically literate and equipped with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary for them to engage in a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport. They would like see...

The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy active lifestyles. Primary School pupils should undertake at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day, of which at least 30 minutes should be in school

The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement

Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport

Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

Increased participation in competitive sport

How did Ingoldisthorpe Primary School spend the money for the 2022/23 academic year, totaling £17, 250? How has it impacted upon pupils' PE, physical activity, and sport participation and attainment?


Providing opportunities for children to compete   

We continued our successful 'Move it! Move it!' Dance Club after school club to accommodate the growing numbers of children wishing to attend. We usually offer a significant number of sporting clubs across the school at lunchtimes and after school too and are always looking for ways to enhance this even further to ensure children's activity levels are as high as they can be.

Our Dance teacher, Gina Veale continues to inspire and allow for professional planning and dance events. We held a successful Autumn Showcase for Year 6. The dance was a medium to showcase work with a visiting artist. All children in the school had work exhibited at the exhibition too. Year 5 were due to perform at Jerwood House, an event we organise alongside 3 other schools.

Training members of staff in areas we would like to further develop

Further Dance training was provided. Gina Veale continues to upskill teachers planning and delivery of lessons together to enhance our creative dance throughout the school. A Teacher has been trained to deliver Tennis sessions through the use of the Racket Pack and also has access to a coach from a local sports club. This teacher then used their expertise to teach across the school.


Introducing new curriculum areas

A Lacrosse and Volley Ball taster day took place. This was voted in by the pupil voice PE Leaders.

Raising the status of PE

We continued to work hard on raising the status of PE and sport in Ingoldisthorpe Primary School and we maintained our Gold School Games Award this year for the third year which we are really proud of. We need to maintain this for the next year and then we can aim for the Platinum award.

Improving participation in extra-curricular sports

In a survey undertaken, we are pleased to announce that for the academic year 2020-21 72% of KS1 child2 children take part in extra-curricular sports in Ingoldisthorpe Primary School. This makes a total of 75% across the whole school. We are particularly proud that the uptake in KS1 participation has risen significantly as we have been working hard to introduce new clubs. There has also been very significant increases in the number of Pupil Premium children's uptake which is now 73% across the school. The number of SEN children taking part in sporting clubs is now 86% (100% in KS1) which is a big improvement on the previous year where uptake was 69%.


Impact of the academic year 2022/23 expenditure?

Standards of teaching have improved even further. Increased confidence of teachers to teach areas highlighted as needing enhancing eg. dance.

Greater provision of extra-curricular activities. 76% of KS2 pupils now participate in extra – curricular activities and 72% of KS1.

Greater variety of sports being taught within the curriculum. Handball, Lacrosse and Volley Ball have been great additions.

Greater participation in inter and intra school sports. More emphasis is put on the importance of this. 

Greater emphasis on PE in general; we have been awarded the Gold School Games Award for the third year in a row.

Improved fitness of our children; base line fitness tests show improvements made. Fitness levels have risen by about 40% given the same fitness test three years ago and continue to improve year on year.

The Health of our children and their participation in school sports (and indeed sports they attend outside of the school arena) continues to be monitored closely and gaps identified and closed, including monitored for vulnerable group attendance and sports pathways.

100% of our Year 6 children were on course to meet the swimming criteria (could swim over a distance of 25m, use a range of different strokes effectively and perform safe self-rescue in different water based situations).


How does Ingoldisthorpe Primary School plan to spend the funding for the Academic year 2023/24?

- The school will continue to focus on the professional development of staff. One of the key strands of the sports funding is to develop the skills of our school staff so that the quality of PE and sport that is delivered will continue to be excellent and further enhanced. This is an area which will be the most sustainable and have the biggest impact as a lasting legacy for the school. Teachers will attend courses to upskill in areas of need. Working in this way helps to develop teacher confidence and expertise and will ensure that Ingoldisthorpe Primary School always delivers High Quality PE Teaching. Staff will be asked in the Autumn term what areas they feel they need additional training in. An area to develop from the staff audit is confidence when teaching and differentiating gymnastics

-  We enable all children to have the opportunity to represent their school and have already signed up to compete in the following; West Norfolk Dance festival, Swimming Gala, Netball, Cycling, Football and Cross Country.

- Further emphasis on fitness - There will be further emphasis on fitness. Fitness will be monitored by class teachers and improved throughout the year, particularly paying attention to any children who may have been largely sedentary during lockdown even though we set regular sporting lessons / challenges and online events. All classes will be expected to continue to focus on fitness for 10 minutes a day at least, focusing on improving fitness and working towards 'Personal Bests' to motivate and encourage.

- Enrichment opportunities - Cross – curricular learning based around events eg. Olympics Day and Sports Day. We will continue to work with the local community at Mount Amelia and Anglia Water Wetlands Trust that can be used to enhance learning in different subjects across the school. The children often walk their daily mile in these out of school locations.

- Enhance the use of ICT within PE lessons - Having introduced new laptops to the school, look at further ways of using ICT in lessons to enhance learning so that children can progress further - look at how this can feed into assessment of PE.

- We are focusing on upskilling all of our teachers so that progress, momentum and enjoyment in PE can continue even when there is no longer Sports Premium money being received by the school. We are confident that as a school we value PE and the impact that it has on the child as a whole and this will therefore always remain an important priority for the school. Largely our sporting clubs are run by our teaching staff or parents who are volunteering and are therefore sustainable in the long term.

- New planning documentation purchased to ensure curriculum coverage and use of language and vocabulary is standardised across the school.

- Encourage more children to walk and cycle to school (during a survey undertaken during academic year 2021-22 65% said they had travelled to school by car). Investigate this further at various times during the year eg. is this a genuine daily statistic? Take part in initiatives such as Walk to School week.

Please see Sports Premium Action Plan at the bottom of this page details of spending and actions.


How are we helping children to develop a healthy, active lifestyle?

We are now looking at enhancing our provision for cooking and growing even further and will be growing things to be used in the school kitchen. We are enhancing our healthy cooking and each class is now cooking at least once every half term, focusing on diet and skills needed to make a healthy meal. Our weekly after school cookery club continues to provide essential life skills.

How will these improvements be sustainable in the future?

At Ingoldisthorpe we are careful to plan improvements that will be sustainable in the future, being mindful that the Sports Premium will undoubtedly be ongoing forever. We ensure for example that where specialist teachers are employed, the staff are upskilled alongside these lessons so that this legacy would be able to continue, should the funding no longer be provided. We ensure that we use the Sports Premium for areas that make improvements, not just for our children now, but will be able to be utilised for years to come. Further examples of how our improvements will be sustainable in the future are included within our detailed Sports Premium Action Plan below.