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If you have a concern about your child's e-safety then you can contact the police.
When should I report to CEOP?


We help children stay safe online. Has someone acted inappropriately towards you online, or to a child or young person you know?
It may be sexual chat, being asked to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable or someone being insistent on meeting up. It maybe bullying or harassing behaviour? You can report it to us below.
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Much of this information came from the NSPCC. If you would like to know more about new apps and technology please visit the NSPCC website:

They can offer help and advise for you and your children. They can even help set up parental controls on your home computers and tablets etc.
0808 8005002


Department For Education Advice for Parents and Carers on Cyber Bullying

Social Medla Policy

Smithdon Cluster Schools
 ‘Traffic Light’ Code on Social Networking and Internet Sites
The Department for Education (DfE) advice to schools states;
“Schools should encourage all members of the school community including parents to use social media responsibly. Parents have a right to raise concerns about the education of their child, but they should do so in an appropriate manner.” “Schools should make it clear that it is not acceptable for pupils, parents or colleagues to denigrate and bully school staff via social media in the same way that it is unacceptable to do so face to face.”  (DfE November 2014)
What this code is for:
  • To encourage parents and staff to use social networking sites in a positive way;
  •  To safeguard the school (and anyone connected with the school) from any negative effects such as abuse;
  • To set out clearly what the cluster schools think is an appropriate (or inappropriate), use of social networking sites;
  • To set out the actions a school will take if they believe that anyone has acted inappropriately.
What will happen if the code is broken?
In the Smithdon Cluster of schools, we work hard to stop any bullying amongst our children and we are not ready to allow parents to behave in a way we wouldn’t want their children to. So, if you do break this code then, for the sake of our pupils, staff and parents, we will take action.
  • First, we will discuss the matter with the people involved to try and sort things out.
  • If the problem continues however the school will take legal advice.
  • We will set out the school’s concerns in writing, warning the person involved and asking them to take the posting down.
  •  We will contact the police if the posting is threatening or obscene.
  • Block the person’s access to school websites and forums or contact the provider of the social networking site to complain about the content.
  • Take other legal action against the offending person.
Social networking sites can be very helpful.
  • They can help parents to get information about the school.
  • They can be used to boost pupils’ learning and achievements.
  • They can be used to provide feedback to organizations like OFSTED.
Before you use social networking sites we would ask you all to STOP & THINK!
  • Is the social networking site the best place to raise concerns or let off steam?
  • Would it be better to talk to someone at the school rather than posting ideas on the internet?
  • Will the things that you want to say cause upset or offence?
  • Could what you write be thought of as cyber-bullying?
  • If you post threats or abuse online you may have to face legal action!
 The school thinks that these actions are INAPPROPRIATE, and may be against the law, so please don’t:
  • Make allegations online about staff or pupils;
  • Make complaints about the school or our staff;
  • Make negative/offensive comments about the school, our staff or our pupils;
  • Make abusive comments about anyone’s race, religion, gender or sexual orientation;
  • Make threats of violence.

ICT Code of Conduct

Staff, Governor & Visitor ICT Code of Conduct 

ICT and the related technologies such as email, the Internet and mobile devices are an expected part of our daily working life in school. This code of conduct is provided to ensure that all users are aware of their responsibilities when using any form of ICT provided by or directed by Norfolk County Council. All such users will be issued with this code of conduct. Any concerns or clarification should be discussed with the Headteacher.

Ø All staff, Governors and visitors understand that ICT includes a wide range of systems, including mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras, laptops and tablets
Ø All staff, Governors and visitors understand that personal mobile phones and associated cameras will not be used during lessons or formal school time.

Ø All staff understand that it is a disciplinary offence to use the school ICT system and equipment for any purpose not permitted by its owner.
(Teaching Staff
Support Staff )

Ø All staff, Governors and visitors will not disclose any passwords provided to them by the school or other related authorities.
Ø All staff, Governors and visitors understand that they are responsible for all activity carried out under their username.

Ø Staff, Governors and visitors will not install any hardware or software on any school owned device without the permission of the Headteacher.
Ø All staff, Governors and visitors understand that their permitted use of the Internet and other related technologies is monitored and logged and will be made available, on request, to their Line Manager or Head teacher in line with any disciplinary procedures. This relates to all school owned devices, including laptops provided by the school.

Ø All staff, Governors and visitors will only use the school’s email / Internet / Intranet / Learning Platform and any related technologies for uses permitted by the Head or Governing Body.
Ø All staff, Governors and visitors will ensure that all their school generated electronic communications are appropriate and compatible with their role.

Ø All staff, Governors and visitors will ensure that all data is kept secure and is used appropriately as authorised by the Head teacher or Governing Body. If in doubt they will seek clarification. This includes taking data off site.
Ø All staff, Governors and visitors using school equipment will not browse, download, upload or distribute any material that could be considered offensive, illegal or discriminatory.

Ø All staff, Governors and visitors will only use the approved email system(s) for any school business.
Ø Images will only be taken, stored and used for purposes in line with school policy. Images will not be distributed outside the school network/learning platform without the consent of the subject or of the parent/carer, and the permission of the Head teacher.

Ø All staff, Governors and visitors will comply with copyright and intellectual property rights.
Ø All staff, Governors and visitors will report any incidents of concern regarding staff use of technology and/or children’s safety to the Senior Designated Professional or Head teacher in line with the school’s Safeguarding Policy.