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Theme: Safety

To continue with Phonics and reading set on Monday throughout this week -daily


Wednesday 15th Road safety


Read Supercats safety story

Complete Supercats road safety story sequencing

 Writing -Complete safe road crossing pencil control

Take a walk around the village and identify road safety crossings

Use the green cross code and identify any road safety measures such as paths, kerb sides



Play Numbers to 100 snakes and ladders trying to recognise and recite some of the  numbers  above 50 try to recognise the 10 numbers 60 70 80 90 100


Thursday 16th Personal Safety

Zoom call at 2.00 to meet Miss Davies - The new class teacher  


English/ PSE/UW

To read through power point: What is a stranger social scenario?

Complete booklet:  What do I do if I get lost?

 Complete Safe and unsafe activity


Maths:  Play four in a row dice addition


Friday 16thWater safety

English/ PSE/UW

Read –listen to Sammy Seagulls summer safety story

Use the Sun Sea and beach safety flags to make your own safety flag for the beach

Complete dangers near the sea activity



One more than game  




Beach safety 327 KB
Counters 8.52 KB
One more than 44.1 KB
Dangers 639 KB

Any concerns or problems please contact willow@ingoldisthorpe.norfolk.sch.uk

Many thanks

Mrs Hall, Mrs MacGowan and Miss Davies